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The Badgir is a wind tower which often has four conduits.

The badgir is a natural cooling system that provides a fresh atmosphere throughout the day thanks to constant natural ventilation.

This is how a Badgir works


On entering the duct, the air experiences an increase in velocity due to the decrease in the cross-section of the duct. This increase in speed creates a low pressure zone inside the duct.

The hot air inside the building, having a relative pressurent higher, is pushed out through the upper openings of the Badgir. The pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the building thus causes a continuous flow of air through the duct, creating natural ventilation.

operation of a Badgir
Natural cooling by day, gentle warmth by night

The Badgir works by using natural air circulation to cool the house on hot days and to warm it on cool nights.

day Night

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