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Regional analysis of Badgirs' behavior : Measurements and observations

We conducted studies in various regions to observe and quantify the behavior of the Badgirs.

Siraf's Badgir has been selected for wind tunnel experiments and CFD simulations

The choice of this Badgir was motivated by its exceptional aerodynamic performance.

Equality of volume between the tower and the room: Symmetry, alignment and optimized ventilation

The equal length of the tower and the piece induces a relationship of symmetry and geometric alignment. This correspondence promotes spatial continuity and harmonious aesthetics.

From a scientific point of view, this equality facilitates the balanced distribution of air flows, thus improving the efficiency of natural ventilation.

Measure the speed and angle of arrival of the prevailing wind

Our analyzes were conducted under various experimental conditions, including various temperatures and different wind conditions.

Taking these parameters into account made it possible to obtain more precise and representative results of the studied in various situations.

siraf badgir
Measurement of air volume in badgir ducts: installation of sensors and data analysis

We quantified air movement in terms of liters per second and cubic meters per hour using airflow sensors.

This information allowed us to analyze and optimize the ventilation in the adjoining rooms. Measurements taken on site revealed that the speed of the airflow was reduced by about half in the surrounding rooms compared to its initial speed at the entrance.

This observation helped us better understand airflow distribution and adjust duct design and placement to improve ventilation efficiency.

Observe the behavior of the wind under the Badgir

The piece of cloth experiment illustrates the impact of air pressure on surrounding objects as well as the ability of air to move dynamically under the influence of different factors such as temperature and pressure. atmospheric.

This is essential for understanding the behavior of air in structures such as Badgirs and for designing effective natural ventilation systems.

wind direction
Effect of Air Pressure on Objects in Ducts

The tissue drop experiment demonstrates the effect of air pressure in the ducts. Ducts A and B have positive pressure, which causes the tissue to descend. Ducts C and D have negative pressure, causing tissue to rise.

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