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The application under development will be dedicated to researchers and doctoral students, offering an advanced platform for the research and analysis of sustainable and energy-efficient building materials.


Architecture of our application in Java:

The application will be developed using the Java programming language due to its robustness, portability and wide adoption in enterprise application development. The architecture of the application will be based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern for a clear separation of responsibilities.

The model (Model) will be responsible for managing data related to sustainable building materials, grouping physical, chemical and mechanical properties. It will be designed in such a way as to allow researchers and doctoral students to easily access relevant data and manipulate them according to their needs.

The View will be designed to provide a user-friendly user interface, allowing researchers and PhD students to navigate the application, search for specific materials, and view related detailed information. The objective will be to make the interface intuitive, easy to use.

The Controller will play a key role in managing the interactions between the model and the view. It will receive user actions, such as search queries or detail view requests, and coordinate the appropriate actions in the model and view to deliver the expected results...

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